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Customs Clearance Agents

We are one of the few accepted committed assured Customs Clearance Agents/customs broking agent/customs broker/customs broking, service provider. We offer excellence outstanding full customs clearance services for international cargo trade services.

We provide complete Customs Clearance Services for consignments of import and export through air or ocean or land transportation. We offer Customs brokerage service for export and import clearance, documentation, customs regulations, cargo tracking, import export license, logistics etc. All the offered services are managed by highly trained experts well versed in all aspects of sea and air clearances. The exemplary services we offer allow us to claim the fastest delivery of cargo with straight forward approach. The following are documentation for normal non-dangerous cargo.

Authorized custom clearance process

Export clearance documentation:

  • Authorized Dealer Code (AD Code)
  • Copy of import export code (IEC)
  • Invoice / Packing List
  • GATT Declaration form
  • KYC Document
  • Any other document

Import clearance documentation:

  • Invoice / Packing List
  • Copy of import export code (IEC)
  • GATT / DGFT Declaration form
  • AWB Bill / Bill Lading
  • KYC Document
  • Any other document

We provide consultancy services on EOU, SEZ Clearances, Import of goods, documentation, Job Work, Returns, foreign trade, etc.

Custom clearance services for exports

The following are few of our services related to SEZ / EOU units:

  • Work as an C & F / customs house agent / customs broking agent / customs broker / customs broking service provider on behalf of the Unit
  • Handling material to be sent on job work. Maintain all the registers for the Job work activity
  • Consultancy on EOU / SEZ Unit
  • Registration of Units under Export Oriented Unit Scheme
  • Preparation of Application for setting up of EOU under STPI/EHTP
  • Obtaining LOI from Development Commissioner
  • Obtaining LOP from the Director of STPI
  • Obtaining In bond manufacturing License under Sec 65 of the Customs Act, 1962
  • Obtaining warehousing license under section 58 of the Customs Act, 1962
  • Bonding of the Premises by the Customs department
  • Execution of B/17 bond with Customs department
  • Handling all customs related matter with respect to import and export of the goods by the EOU Unit
  • Submission of monthly/quarterly/yearly returns to the concerned department
  • DTA Sales permission from STPI & Customs department
  • Obtaining CT3 Certificate
  • De-bonding the goods by the customs authorities
  • De-bonding the premises by the customs authorities
  • Shifting permission from STPI/Development Commissioner
  • Closure of the STPI/EHTP Unit

The following are few of the activities for Imports (Customs clearance for imports):

  • Normal clearance i.e., without any concession duty
  • Duty Free clearance under Advance Authorization
  • Clearance under Duty Free Import Authorization
  • Clearance under Duty Entitlement Pass Book Scheme
  • Clearance under EPCG Scheme
  • Project Import Clearance
  • Concessional rate of duty clearance – Annexure –III
  • Clearance under Focus Market, Focus Product, Hi-tech goods, Served from India Scheme, Target Plus etc.
    Clearance under Vishesh krishi & Gram Udyog Yojana Scheme

The following are few of the activities for Exports (Customs clearance for exports):

  • Duty Free Exports without claiming any export benefits
  • Exports Clearance under Advance Authorisation
  • Exports Clearance under Duty Free Import Authorization
  • Exports Clearance under Duty Drawback
  • Re-Export of rejected material
  • Export Clearance under EPCG Scheme

The following are few of the activities Foreign Trade related (DGFT):

  • Import Export Code (IEC) / Import Export License
  • Advance authorization / Duty Exemption Entitlement Certificate (DEEC) license
  • Export Promotion Capital Goods (EPCG) Scheme
  • Duty Free Import Authorization
  • Duty Entitlement Pass Book Scheme
  • Specific license for restricted items
  • Vishesh Krishi & Gram Udyog Yojana Scheme
  • Focus Market Scheme (FMS)
  • Focus Product Scheme (FPS)
  • Market Linked Focus Product Scheme (MLFPS)
  • Hi-tech Product Export Promotion Scheme
  • Revalidation of import license
  • Extension & Enhancement of import License
  • Closure of licenses (DEEC / EPCG, etc)
  • Merchandise Exports from India Scheme (MEIS)
  • Service Export from India Scheme (SEIS)

We provide Customs Broking services

We provide cargo clearance services

We provide customs clearance services

We provide import / export clearance services

We provide shipment clearance services

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